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President's Message

Whereas our school is doing well in academics and extracurricular activities, I am constantly thinking about the future of our children. Jamuna Mishra Academy was built by our founder, Dr. Brij Mohan Mishra, to fulfill his mother’s dream. She herself never attended school but believed in educating children. She would be very proud to see the school today.

The primary purpose of education is to give wisdom to our children so they can choose between right and wrong and good and bad. We as educators have an important responsibility to make sure future generations are honest and dutiful, not immoral and self-serving. The destiny of India is shaped in our schools. We need to revive our old India, which was built on moral values.

The world of this millennia is fiercely competitive. It is difficult to keep up with evolving technology. Social media and digital screens just don’t leave us alone. Here we must pay attention to what type of adults we want our students to grow into.

The present system of education is pushing children more towards textbooks, examinations and grades, so they can go to good colleges and ultimately higher paid jobs. Exams and grades are critical, but creative thinking, life skills and values are equally important. We need to make sure each student matures into a person as a whole, not simply a doctor, engineer or businessman.

I strongly believe we must emphasize character and discipline in life. These can be achieved by making Spiritual “Vidya” an integral part of education from an early age.

Our “Bharat” has been Guru to the whole world for centuries!

I wish to congratulate our Principal – Mrs. Booma Natarajan – and staff who have worked very hard to put this inaugural magazine together. My many thanks to the whole JMA staff and teachers for their great work as a team.

Jai Hind
Dr. Suman Mishra

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